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Extremely Durable Seamless Door that Never Needs Painting (Patent Pending)

solid surface door hardware
Our Client's Request

When one of our top customers came to us with a special request, we were eager to help. As a top electronics and smart phone retailer, their stores get a lot of traffic. As a result, the doors inside their stores were in constant need of maintenance and needing to be frequently repainted or replaced.

Our Solution

After experimenting with several products and finishes, we developed a patent pending solution using acrylic solid surface that is 100% seamless. This process makes the doors extremely durable, and resistant to wear and tear. In addition, the material comes in 100s of color options and never needs painting. This low maintenance solution has eliminated the constant need to repair and replace worn out doors, reducing cost and improving the look of their stores.

These state of the art doors are custom made to your specifications. They can be ordered with standard locksets as well as deadbolts, electronic locks, windows, viewers, and high-security multi-deadbolt systems.

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